Corporate Fitness Tracking and program management system. Everything
you need to give your group or employees the tools they need to succeed
in your fitness program!
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Introducing, a revolutionary new way to bring together people who all have one common goal, to get healthy!

Whether you are a corporate health administrator looking for a new avenue to motivate your employees, an HR manager looking for affordable opportunities to create a healthier employee base or a manager wanting to offer your associates a life-enhancing ‘perk’….. you’ve found the right place!

At the core are the basics, an online fitness tracking system which allows users to enter and keep track of their fitness and dieting information. Built on top of that simple premise is so much more. Not only can users keep track of their own information they can track their information in relation to the entire group. A function with helps create motivation and provides the necessary feedback to help a person want to continue their exercise regimen.

As a corporate administrator you have access to an entire suite of tools geared towards helping your users continue towards their goals. As an employer you have an excellent system which can be given as a perk to reward your employees for one low rate per month. In fact as low as $50 per month.

A healthier employee is a happier employee.

As a group administrator you have access to a system that can allow your private group to keep in touch with one another and help motivate one another to do more.

Continue looking at the features of the system or jump right into it and your own portal.

The system has been integrated into the new platform! All the same great tracking features in addition to guided content around nutrition and healthy life choices.

Please click here to visit the fitThumb website and schedule a demo!

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