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The following features are all a part of the goTeamFitness system.

Fitness Tracking – Enter key information regarding your walks, runs, bike rides, swimming, aerobics, and other workouts. Any workout can be entered and kept in the online database

Nutritional Tracking – Enter your nutritional intake information. The system will keep track of your progress and your goals, letting you know if you’ve eaten too much for the day or not enough. You can create your own foods to add to your personal food intake database. Quicklists and recently eaten food items make tracking lightening fast!

Charts – Charts throughout the system show you your progress and tracking towards your goals. Feedback everywhere is our ultimate goal and we want to make sure the user is incentivised by intelligent feedback when adding information to the system.

Group and Individual Stats – An individual can compare their own stats to the entire group on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis

Group standings – If a user wishes to participate in data sharing they are able to see where they fall into within the group in terms of their exercise.

Online Journaling and micro-blogging – Users can keep a journal for themselves and others to read in order to log their progress in a qualitative way as well as quantitative. Other users can respond to these micro blogs as well suggesting input, feedback and more.

Achievements – Achievements exist to reward users for hitting certain goals. Goals such as number of miles walked, lbs lost and more are personified by colorful small badges which appear on their profile

Buddy System – Allows users to buddy up with other users. Each user’s fitness information is posted to the other’s account in order to share one another’s information. Socialize your exercise!

Weight loss tracking – a part of the dieting section a user’s weight can be tracked over time as well as shared with other participants of the system.

Autonomous data sharing – Your organization’s users only share information with one another, not the entire network as a whole.

Highly configurable permissions system – As an administrator you can turn on and off certain aspects of the system. We make it as configurable as possible for you so that you can fine tune the portal into exactly what you want it to be.

The system has been integrated into the new platform! All the same great tracking features in addition to guided content around nutrition and healthy life choices.

Please click here to visit the fitThumb website and schedule a demo!

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