Corporate Fitness Tracking and program management system. Everything
you need to give your group or employees the tools they need to succeed
in your fitness program!
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Usage in group and club settings:

Group Standings

Nutritional Tracking

Micro Blogging is not only great for employees but also great for your group or club to track fitness in relation to one another.

The social tools inherent to goTeamFitness are a perfect way for group members to stay in touch with one another, track achievements and buddy up with others in order to take advantage of social fitness.

Click here to start your own portal and experiment with features and functions of the system. You can even provide the platform at a discount to your club members over what they could spend to license it directly.

The system has been integrated into the new platform! All the same great tracking features in addition to guided content around nutrition and healthy life choices.

Please click here to visit the fitThumb website and schedule a demo!

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