Corporate Fitness Tracking and program management system. Everything
you need to give your group or employees the tools they need to succeed
in your fitness program!
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Benefits of in club and group settings.

Fitness Dashboard
Earned Achievements
Micro Blogging
1) User administration – As an administrator you have the ablility to manage your users. can be used as part of your club’s membership package. Disable users if they choose to no longer participate with the group.

2) Standings – Let group members see their rankings in relation to others within the group. Competition creates motivation

3) Social Networking – Exercise, journals and weight tracking can be posted to a whiteboard in a twitteresque fashion. Instantly see the activities of your buddes within the system and post comments and feedback instantly

4) Custom achievements specific to your group can be created from measurable fitness statistics.

The system has been integrated into the new platform! All the same great tracking features in addition to guided content around nutrition and healthy life choices.

Please click here to visit the fitThumb website and schedule a demo!

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