Corporate Fitness Tracking and program management system. Everything
you need to give your group or employees the tools they need to succeed
in your fitness program!
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Usage in corporate settings:

Fitness Dashboard

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Why utilize the system for your employees? Simple!

Healthier employees lead to better financial health of the organization as well as increased productivity. At a time when gym memberships are a bit too expensive on a per-employee basis, providing a platform to help motivate and reward employees for healthy behaviors is not!

Give a try, whether is is being rolled out as part of a healthy initiative for your employees or its being used as a standalone employee perk, can help you create a healthier workforce! Show your employees you want to take an active part in their development with the gift of this helpful tool.

The system has been integrated into the new platform! All the same great tracking features in addition to guided content around nutrition and healthy life choices.

Please click here to visit the fitThumb website and schedule a demo!

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